How can Outside Spy help me stay Outside IR35?



Why is it advantageous to stay Outside IR35?

Contractors working Outside IR35 can operate via their own limited company. Traditionally, all contractors worked this way, and many are fighting to retain the flexibility, independence and financial advantages of this mode of operation. Whilst some of the earlier tax advantages have been eroded by HMRC measures, there are still many advantages to operate independently as a genuine contracting business, such as those listed in our blog article 12-benefits-of-working-outside-ir35 Many contractors are rightfully wary of operating via Umbrella companies who are currently unregulated. There are many contractor calculators available on the web which can display the benefits depending on your particular circumstances and day rates. Simply search "contractor calculator tools".


How many Outside IR35 Contract Opportunities do you find each day?

We usually find between 100 and 300 Outside IR35 IT contracts every day, although there may be some roles advertised by more than one advertiser. As we publish all the opportunities we find on the web, we cannot guarantee a particular number of contracts available. The database usually contains over 1000 opportunities found over the last five to ten working days, although some desirable contract roles will fill very quickly, resulting in some of the opportunities displaying as expired. Roles covered are from both the public and private sector.


How many Contract Opportunities will there be with my skillset?

As the total number of opportunities is between 100 and 300 Outside IR35 IT contracts every day, most general skill sets (eg Business Analyst, Project Manager, Applications Developer) will be featured daily, however more specialist skill sets may only be featured as and when there is demand from companies. We regret we are unable to respond to individual enquiries asking us to run queries looking back into recent history, as the quantity and quality of roles discovered in the future may bear no resemblance to roles discovered in the recent past. In order to gain an appreciation of the types and quantity of roles we are currently discovering, we publish c10-20% of contracts to our twitter feed. For the convenience of those not on twitter, our feed is also published here. To gain a full appreciation of the roles we discover, you would need to join.


Where do you find your contracts from?

We monitor job boards, agency sites and end hirer websites for Outside IR35 contract opportunities, adding opportunities to our database in real time. Direct Hirers can also register with us directly and advertise contract opportunities for free. We are not constrained by any client, agency or job board relationship and publish every opportunity that we find to be genuinely advertised as Outside IR35. Contractors should note that this may be a provisional assessment and should do their own due diligence as to the status of the contract before entering into any agreement, including obtaining a Status Determination Statement.


If your contracts are mainly found from the web, why do I need Outside Spy?

We monitor some 70 job boards and around 1700 end client and agency sites and to bring you the most complete Outside IR35 solutions available. Successfully searching for Outside IR35 roles can be frustrating and time consuming for the contractor, as very few sites categorise Outside IR35 roles and not all sites accurately support these search terms, especially when used in combination with skill searches.  

Are you a Job Board?

No! It can help to think of us as an aggregation service providing links to Outside IR35 IT contracts that are published elsewhere on the web, (either on Job boards, agency or client sites), so that our members are fully aware of Outside IR35 opportunities, and can easily find suitable contracts for their skill set and apply direct to the advertiser. (depending on the platform the role is advertised on, registration may be required). Unlike Job Boards and other contractor platforms, there is no requirement to upload a profile or CV to Outside Spy and you remain in complete control of your contract-finding activities at all times. Joining Outside Spy means that you will not need to register with multiple Job Boards to maximise your searches and you retain control of your CV, making it one of the most effective IR35 Solutions available.

Do you offer other Contractor Services?

Yes! We have been offering our revolutionary Contract Spy service since March 2016. Contract Spy discovers directly advertised contracts (ie Agency-Free Contracts) for the independently-minded Contractor. For full details and to join, visit 

Can I stop my subscription at any time?

Yes! If you subscribed via PayPal simply login to your PayPal account and cancel your subscription. If you subscribed via GoCardless (Direct Debit) simply contact your bank and cancel the Direct Debit. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will cancel the subscription on your behalf. You will continue to have access to the database, and to email alerts, for any time that you have already paid for in advance. Then, if you have found our service useful, please do let us know and subscribe again when you are at that stage of your contracting cycle.