Record number of Outside IR35 IT Contract vacancies

Outside Spy records a record 338 IT Contract vacancies advertised as “Outside IR35” on January 18.


As our regular readers will know, Outside Spy has been monitoring the level of IT contract vacancies since the start of 2020, when we first launched our service to bring all the relevant advertised vacancies “Outside IR35” to the attention of our members in one easy-to-search database.


Today, we have recorded a record number of vacancies, 338, that meet our criteria as advertised IT Contracts deemed “Outside IR35” by the advertiser. This surpasses the previous record of 240 vacancies (recorded back in mid-February 2020) by a considerable margin.


Since the pandemic struck back in March 2020, and with the subsequent delay to the implementation of the “Off Payroll” legislation to April 2021, the number of advertised contract vacancies has been falling, reaching a nadir in June 2020. Since that time, there has been a slow but steady recovery, with the market showing surprising resilience.


Reviewing these latest numbers, the co-founder of Outside Spy, Brian Stalley commented;


“This proves the resilience of the contract market, and the need for a flexible skilled IT workforce that can respond to market demands. There has been much talk of doom and gloom in the market, much of it unnecessary speculation. With the new rules coming in less than 3 months away, many hiring companies are showing that they have put in place the necessary assessment regimes, and are committed to the market for flexible skilled workers. We are hopeful that this rising trend will continue through April 2021 and beyond, as the competition for key skills remains fierce”.